I used to be a writer.

Before I was Mom. Before I left the corporate world. Before I started spending so much of my free time running (none of these of which I am complaining about, by the way), I used to be a writer. I wrote stories, poems, journals, articles, restaurant reviews, marketing copy, ads, websites, financial reports, a children’s book. I wrote copious letters to friends.

I have not made much time in my life for writing in recent years, and recently I have realized that I miss it greatly. Occasionally, I find old notebooks in the attic, with page after page of stories and musings, and I am shocked that I don’t remember writing many of them. I don’t always recognize who that person was, or what her experiences were, or the way her mind and her imagination used to work. I kinda’ miss that person. That narrator, who captured so much of her life and her observations. My life and observations.

So. Starting a blog seems like a good way to try and find that narrator again. I hope we can become reacquainted. And have some fun along the way…